HAWA: The specialist for power cords

We are a manufacturer of power cords with moulded plugs and connectors, as well as with cable ends according to customer's specifications. HAWA is located in Reichenbach, Frankenwald, Northern Bavaria. Besides the power cords we produced in Germany since 1960, we offer a complete range of products manufactured by our partner company in China, under our supervision and HAWA quality standards.

Individual offer

Starting with a quantity of 300 pcs, we can supply you with individual combinations of plug types and connectors or cable ends according to your specification. For a tailor-made quote, please contact us directly.   Individual offer  We guarantee you an answer within one working day.  As a matter of fact, we are able to produce any kind of power cords according to your wishes.

Online Shop

On our > Online Shop  you will find most common standard power cords, which can be supplied to you, as a business company, by a minimum order value of € 75.

At the heart of Europe

Our many years of experience with international customers, our central location in Europe and our connection to an efficient transportation network make us an interesting trading supplier for European manufacturers.