o   1960 Hans Wagner establishes the company as manufacturer of electrotechnical items

o   1975 Giuseppe and Christa Ciron take over the Company

o   1998 The Quality Management System is assessed by VDE according to DIN EN ISO 9001

o   2006 Christian Ciron becomes Managing Director

o   2007 Cooperation with Far East is established

o   2008 HAWA enlarges the range of power supply cords covering all the world's plug types

o   2009 HAWA can supply all types of power cords according to the motto "We find for any customer demand the right power connection"

o   2013 Start of online business

o   2013 The product range is enlarged with power supplies of well-known manufacturers like MeanWell and Phihong

o   2014 Cooperation with Amm-Logistics for improving the Far East business

o   2017 Completition of the new warehouse over 400 sqm, with high shelf system and new in-and-out logistic

o   2020 HAWA celebrates the 60-year Jubileum